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  • GE RAG46A 26" Wall Sleeve Add to compare

    GE RAG46A 26" Wall Sleeve

    Solid-sided wall case fabricated of galvanized steel with baked enamel (beige) finish. Welded areas coated with a sealing compound to help resist rust and corrosion. Polymer gasket surrounds opening to assure tight weather seal. Panels on interior and between case and grille provide weather protection prior to installation of chassis.
  • GE RAVAL1 Auluminum Grille Add to compare

    GE RAVAL1 Auluminum Grille

    Extruded aluminum outdoor grille for installation on RAVWP series wall plenums. Grille is 19 3/4" x 32" x 1 1/4". Mill finish
  • Amana 11167401 Discharge Grille Add to compare

    Amana 11167401 Discharge Grille

    Air Discharge Grille. Protects indoor blower while allowing conditioned air to enter the space
  • Amana 20414601 Fan Blade Add to compare

    Amana 20414601 Fan Blade

    Brand: Amana Part #: 20414601 20414601 Fan Blade for Amana PTAC Unit Replacement condenser fan blade made by Amana. Fan blade for B & D series units. 4 lbs 16 x 4 x 16 in"
  • Amana 22312903 Heater Kit Add to compare

    Amana 22312903 Heater Kit

    Brand: Amana Part #: 22312903 22312903 Heater Assembly This Heater assembly for Amana PTAC units runs at 20 AMP, 230V and 3.5KW. The 22312903 Heater Assembly for Amana PTAC Units are great devices which would serve any business well. They are manufactured at facilities which conform to high quality standards, which mean that these are high quality products. This allows the heater in the PTAC to use a very small amount of energy to move heat from the air or ground to heat the targeted area. Here are a few key reasons why this heater assembly is a great choice for you: It efficiently heats the room on cold days, providing optimum comfort. Amana PTACs and its components come equipped with a limited 5-year warranty. 3 lbs 15 x 12 x 3 in"
  • Friedrich 25055201 Heater Kit Add to compare

    Friedrich 25055201 Heater Kit

    Brand: Friedrich Part #: 25055201 Friedrich 25055201 Heater Kit 3.4Kw This heater kit is used in Friedrich “T” series TEC/THC**K34STC PTAC units. It is a direct replacement heater that will install easily into existing unit. 2 lbs 24 x 6 x 6 in"
  • Gree 30132188 Control Board Add to compare

    Gree 30132188 Control Board

    Main Board Controls unit operations. Used on Amana PBE "G" Series TTW Air Conditioners
  • Friedrich 60865802 Filter Add to compare

    Friedrich 60865802 Filter

    Room Air Conditioner foam air filter. Removes particles from intake air enabling unit to provide fresh clean air to the room. Used on Friedrich SL24H30
  • Friedrich 60865900 Filter Holder Add to compare

    Friedrich 60865900 Filter Holder

    Brand: Friedrich Part #: 60865900 Friedrich 60865900 Filter Holder Used on Friedrich Models: EM18L34-C, EM24L34-B, ES12L30-F, ES12L33-A, ES12L33-B, ES12L33-C, ES12L33-D, ES12L33-E, ES16L33-A, ES16L33-B, ES16L33-C 1 lbs 4 x 4 x 4 in"
  • Friedrich 61655600 Ionizer Wire Add to compare

    Friedrich 61655600 Ionizer Wire

    Ionizing wires interact with pollutants and dust particles in the air due to an electric attraction capturing them on an electrically-charged collection plate near the ionizing unit. Used on Friedrich Model C90A
  • Friedrich 61807257 Frame Add to compare

    Friedrich 61807257 Frame

    Brand: Friedrich Part #: 61807257 Friedrich 61807257 Control Panel Large This control panel is used to secure electronic control board to the unit. It is used on the following Friedrich model: EL36M35-A SL28M30-A SL28M30-B SL36M30-A YL24M35-A 1 lbs 8 x 4 x 2 in"
  • Friedrich 67201008 Control Board Add to compare

    Friedrich 67201008 Control Board

    Brand: Friedrich Part #: 67201008 Friedrich 67201008 Filter PCB Assembly 1 lbs 12 x 5 x 5 in"
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