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  • Capacitor - NEW - Dual - CAP050150440RSP - Amana - 1 Add to compare

    Capacitor - NEW - Dual - CAP050150440RSP - Amana - 1

  • Amana 11044101 Blower Wheel Add to compare

    Amana 11044101 Blower Wheel

    11044101 Blower Wheel for Amana PTAC Units Provides conditioned air to the space Amana blower wheel Used on Amana A, B & D series R-22 units only.
  • Power Cord - NEW - Hardwire Kit - BAYHWRK001 - Trane - 1 Add to compare

    Power Cord - NEW - Hardwire Kit - BAYHWRK001 - Trane - 1

  • Amana 20415901 Control Door Add to compare

    Amana 20415901 Control Door

    Amana 20415901 Control Door This Control Door is used on all Amana A - D Series PTAC Units only.
  • Amana DK900D Drain Kit Add to compare

    Amana DK900D Drain Kit

    Brand: Amana Part #: DK900D Drain Kit for WS900 series Wall Sleeves This Amana drain kit attaches to the base of the wall sleeve or on the outside corner’s to control the indoor and outdoor disposal of condensate. We recommend installing a wall sleeve prior to installing the drain kit. 1 lbs 4 x 4 x 4 in"
  • Friedrich 60343503 Overload Add to compare

    Friedrich 60343503 Overload

    Brand: Friedrich Part #: 60343503 Friedrich 60343503 Compressor Overload This overload protects the compressor from overheating during use. Manufacturer part number is B245-140B-141H 1 lbs 4 x 4 x 4 in"
  • Friedrich 61807257 Frame Add to compare

    Friedrich 61807257 Frame

    Brand: Friedrich Part #: 61807257 Friedrich 61807257 Control Panel Large This control panel is used to secure electronic control board to the unit. It is used on the following Friedrich model: EL36M35-A SL28M30-A SL28M30-B SL36M30-A YL24M35-A 1 lbs 8 x 4 x 2 in"
  • Friedrich Drain Kit - PXDR10 Add to compare

    Friedrich Drain Kit - PXDR10

  • Amana PWHK01C Thermostat Wire Harness Add to compare

    Amana PWHK01C Thermostat Wire Harness

    Brand: Amana Part #: PWHK01C Amana PWHK01C Thermostat wire harness Must be used with any wired thermostat. This PTAC wire harness kit made by Amana, includes a 14-pin and an 18-pin female housing along with 18 jumper wires and wire nuts. 1 lbs"
  • Amana 0130P00024 Solenoid Coil Add to compare

    Amana 0130P00024 Solenoid Coil

    265V Reversing Valve Solenoid Coil
  • Amana 0161P00055S Fan Blade Add to compare

    Amana 0161P00055S Fan Blade

    Brand: Amana Part #: 0161P00055S Fan blade fro R410A Units Replacement condenser fan blade made by Amana and compatible with all R410A PTAC Units. Fan blade is approximately 14” in diameter. Replaces Amana 0161P00030SA Condenser Fan Blade. Circulates air across the system’s condenser coil to increase heat transfer. The fan blade is engineered in Amana’s well-equipped facility using top quality material. 4 lbs 16 x 16 x 6 in"
  • Amana 0130M00096 Relay Add to compare

    Amana 0130M00096 Relay

    Relay used on Amana PTAC units that have 2 speed outdoor motors
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