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  • Gree 30132022 Control Board Add to compare

    Gree 30132022 Control Board

    Main Board controls unit operations. Used on Amana model numbers: PBH093E35AXAA & PBH113E35AXAA
  • Friedrich 67904184 Cover Add to compare

    Friedrich 67904184 Cover

    Covers Fan Capacitor behind controls to secure in place and prevent possible injury when servicing. Used on the following models: D25ANP, D50AP, D70AP, D25D, D50D & D70D
  • Amana 1501180302 Fan Motor Add to compare

    Amana 1501180302 Fan Motor

    Indoor fan motor used on Amana 12K & 15K ETAC Units
  • Amana 0130M00132 High Pressure Switch Add to compare

    Amana 0130M00132 High Pressure Switch

    Protects the unit from high pressure and damage to the unit, helping to ensure long unit life.
  • Amana 0130P00024 Solenoid Coil Add to compare

    Amana 0130P00024 Solenoid Coil

    265V Reversing Valve Solenoid Coil
  • Amana 0131P00033S Outdoor Fan Motor Add to compare

    Amana 0131P00033S Outdoor Fan Motor

    Brand: Amana Part #: 0131P00033S Amana 0131P00033S Outdoor Fan Motor Made by Amana, this motor is an outdoor condenser fan motor. This PTAC condenser fan motor can be used with the following unit models: PTC073G PTC093G PTC123G R410A A condenser fan motor is located in the engine compartment in front of the AC system. - When the AC condenser converts Freon into its liquid form it generates heat within the AC system. The job of the AC condenser fan is to remove heat from the system by providing a constant stream of air flow to the condenser. The removal of heat then allows for the the AC to produce cold air. 8 lbs 8 x 8 x 8 in"
  • Amana 0161P00055S Fan Blade Add to compare

    Amana 0161P00055S Fan Blade

    Brand: Amana Part #: 0161P00055S Fan blade fro R410A Units Replacement condenser fan blade made by Amana and compatible with all R410A PTAC Units. Fan blade is approximately 14” in diameter. Replaces Amana 0161P00030SA Condenser Fan Blade. Circulates air across the system’s condenser coil to increase heat transfer. The fan blade is engineered in Amana’s well-equipped facility using top quality material. 4 lbs 16 x 16 x 6 in"
  • GE RAK520D 265V 20A Hardwire Kit Add to compare

    GE RAK520D 265V 20A Hardwire Kit

    Brand: GE Part #: RAK520D Direct connect power supply kit for General Electric commercial-use 265 volt PTAC units. -- - This power supply kit features: 265 Volt 20 Amp 3.4 KW heater 4-Pin Connector with 3-7"" 12-gauge conductor wires and low voltage personality plug For use with AZ45 and AZ65 PTAC units with RAK204E20 Sub-Base"
  • GE WP26X10038 Control Board Add to compare

    GE WP26X10038 Control Board

    User interface board. Allows user to control the various operations of the PTAC Unit. Heating or cooling as well as fan mode operations
  • GE WP29X10029 Drive Board Add to compare

    GE WP29X10029 Drive Board

    Brand: GE Part #: WP29X10029 This is an O.E.M. Authorized part. Fits with various GE brand models. Oem part# is WP29X10029. It has a oem part # WP70X10037. 1 pounds 1 x 1 x 1 inches"
  • Amana 0131P00025S Fan Motor Add to compare

    Amana 0131P00025S Fan Motor

    Amana 0131P00025S Outdoor Fan Motor Transfer air over outdoor coil reducing heat and improving efficiency 0131P00025S outdoor fan motor for use with PTC153G R410A models
  • Amana D9831804H Compressor Add to compare

    Amana D9831804H Compressor

    Tecumseh Compressor Part number RKA5512EXD RK147ET-002-A4
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