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Air Conditioner Configuration PTAC Manufacturer Midea
Condition New Required Voltage 265-277 V
Required Amperage 20 A Interface Type Digital
Heat Type Resistive Electric Only Heater Size 3.5 kW
Product Length 42 Product Width 20.5
Product Height 15 Shipping Length 47
Shipping Width 26 Shipping Height 21
Wi-Fi Connectable No Remote Control Included No
Automatic Restart No Seacoast Protection No
Freeze Protection No Fan Speeds 2
Sleeve Included No Grille Included No

9,000 to 15,000 Btu Midea PTACs with 3.5 kW Resistive Electric Heat - 265 V / 20 A

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Midea is one of the most trusted names in climate control. There's a good reason for that: they make great products. Their stellar line of EMB63 PTACs is yet another triumph. With options ranging over 9,000, 12,000, and 15,000 Btus, there's something for everyone. The 9,000-Btu unit will heat or cool any area up to 400 square feet, the 12,000-Btu unit will heat or cool any area up to 550 square feet, and the 15,000-Btu unit will heat or cool any area up to 700 square feet.

No matter which suits your needs the best, they all come with a host of handy features. Your guests deserve a fresh, healthy atmosphere, and these PTACs will help you give it to them. Large ventilation doors bring fresh air in from the outside, warding off any stuffy indoor blues.

An intuitive electronic control panel and LED display makes setting and changing preferences a breeze. Choosing the ideal temperature is quick and easy, as is cycling through the three distinct fan speeds. And just to bump convenience up another notch, Midea even includes a remote control. Users can make adjustments from a distance, controlling their climate from the comfort of their chair, sofa, or bed.

The Auto Defrosting feature is one of many ways Midea designed their EMB63 line for year-round, all-season performance. All units will dehumidify--even at arctic temperatures. And as for power failures, Midea has it covered. As soon as the power comes back on, the EMB63's Auto Restart feature will boot the unit right back up at its previous settings.

Still, even with all that great stuff, you'd be justified in wanting another voice to guarantee safety. Good news! Every EMB63 is certified by the product safety company UL (formerly Underwriters Laboratories). If you're looking for efficient, effective, user-friendly PTACs to keep your guests cozy, Midea has the answer.

*Please note that PTAC units do not include sleeves and grilles. These must be purchased separately.

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