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Air Conditioner Configuration PTHP Manufacturer Midea
Condition New Required Voltage 265-277 V
Required Amperage 20 A Interface Type Digital
Heat Type Heat Pump Heater Size 3.5 kW
Product Length 42 Product Width 20.5
Product Height 15 Shipping Length 47
Shipping Width 26 Shipping Height 21
Wi-Fi Connectable No Remote Control Included No
Automatic Restart No Seacoast Protection No
Freeze Protection No Fan Speeds 2
Sleeve Included No Grille Included No

9,000 to 15,000 Btu Midea PTAC with Heat Pump with 3.5 kW Electric Heat - 265 V / 20 A

  • Manufacturer - Midea
  • Cooling Capacity - 9,000 - 15,000 Btu
  • Heat Type - Heat Pump with 3.5 kW Eectric
  • Electrical Requirements - 265 V / 20 A

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Midea is well-known as the largest producer of major appliances worldwide. Its 25 years of producing air-conditioning systems means Midea knows how to make air conditioners that are high-quality, long-lasting, and not excessively expensive.

This PTAC series from Midea offers 9,000 Btu, 12,000 Btu, and 15,000 Btu PTACs, all of which include a heat pump as well. Heat pumps are an ideal solution for those who want to save energy and money and reduce environmental impact. They work particularly when the weather isn’t too warm or too cold, as they transfer heat outside when warm and transfer it inside when cold. Because it isn’t creating heat or cooling, but is rather just moving heat, the energy needs of a heat pump are much less.

For convenience’s sake, this series includes an easy-to-use remote control, allowing you to adjust the temperature setting and fan speed from several feet away. Up close, electronic controls are simple with straightforward buttons and a clear LED display. Additionally, auto defrosting of the evaporator keeps the series’ units effectively dehumidifying, even when it’s chilly outside. Because these units have extra-large ventilation doors, more outside air is brought into the room so that the air is always fresh and well circulated.

With the series’ auto restart feature, power outages are made a bit less stressful. No longer must you attend to each individual unit in order to turn them all back on when power is restored. Instead, as soon as each PTAC senses that energy access is renewed, it returns to full operating mode, including the setting the unit was on at the time of the outage. This line of PTACs is definitely worth considering, with its overall low-maintenance operation, affordability, and ultra-high quality.

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