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Air Conditioner Configuration PTAC Manufacturer Amana
Condition New Required Voltage 265-277 V
Required Amperage 20 A Plug Type NEMA 7-20
Interface Type Digital Heat Type Resistive Electric Only
Heater Size 3.5 kW Product Length 42
Product Width 20.5 Product Height 15
Shipping Length 47 Shipping Width 26
Shipping Height 21 Refrigerant Type R-410A
STC Rating (Sound Transmission Class Rating) 28 Wi-Fi Connectable No
Remote Control Included No Automatic Restart Yes
Seacoast Protection No Freeze Protection Yes
Number of Fan Motors 2 Fan Speeds 2
Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) 11.7 Sleeve Included No
Grille Included No

7,000 to 15,000 Btu Amana DigiSmart PTAC with 3.5 kW Electric Heat and Heat Pump - 265 V / 20 A

  • Manufacturer - Amana
  • Cooling Capacity - 7,000 to 15,000 Btu
  • Heat Type - 3.5 kW Electric Heat and Heat Pump
  • Electrical requirements - 265 V / 20 A

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For more than three decades, Amana PTACs have been built to last with skill and care in the USA. This series of Amana DigiSmart PTAC units is an incredibly versatile climate control option. Along with cooling, this series offers both electric heat and heat pump options. This series includes PTACs with 7,700 Btus, 9,000 Btus, 12,000 Btus, and 14,800 Btus of efficient, effective cooling power. Note that this series is intended for commercial use only, rather than residential use.

This series of PTACs includes the DigiSmart Wireless Energy Management System. DigiSmart includes front desk controls and energy management software that can be linked wirelessly to the central hub of your choice. This allows an incredible amount of control in cases where many PTACs will be in use at once, as in a hotel. Rather than having to manually attend to each unit, you'll be able to coordinate your efforts from a central location and more effectively monitor your energy and cost expenditures. In fact, the DigiSmart Wireless EMS used with your Amana PTAC can lower your energy costs by up to 35%! And DigiSmart also allows you to monitor the performance of PTACs and target any needed maintenance.

Like all Amana PTACs, this series is easily and intuitively operated via a seven-button touch pad and LED display. It also includes room freeze protection. You can rest assured that no damage will be caused by freezing; the electric resistance heater is activated when the room temperature drops below 40°F. Users will also appreciate the incredibly quiet operation of units in these series, which have a Sound Transmission Class of 28. And their energy efficiency is bolstered by their increased dehumidification capacity; when rooms' humidity levels are kept lower, occupants feel more comfortable at higher temperatures to reduce overall costs of cooling.

Above all, years of experience mean that Amana believes in its products, so it backs them up with some of the industry's most comprehensive warranties. These PTAC units are accompanied by a five-year limited warranty so that your purchase of an Amana PTAC guarantees climate control satisfaction for years to come.

*Please note that PTAC units do not include sleeves and grilles. These must be purchased separately.

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