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Stories from the Road Crew & Best Practices on how to get the most out of your PTACS and better your customer experience!

Why You Have to Recycle PTACs Properly (and How to Do It)

Under ideal circumstances, a good PTAC unit should last up to 15 years. But even the best PTACs still need to be replaced eventually—and when less-than-ideal circumstances hit, it can come a lot sooner than you would have liked. When it’s time to dispose of old or...

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How Do PTACs Work?

A PTAC is a packaged terminal air conditioner. They’re the perfect solution for convenient, energy-efficient climate control. Here’s how they can help you.

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11 Mistakes People Make When Installing New PTACs

Everyone makes mistakes. Most of the time they’re little ones that don’t really matter. But when it comes to installing new PTACs, even a small mistake can mean big trouble for you. Fortunately, plenty of other people have already made lots of mistakes installing...

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Meet Midea—the Newest Champion of the PTAC Market

Say hello to Midea. Their new foray into the world climate-control products is a breath of fresh air in the PTAC industry as a whole. With a bold new approach from teams of expert designers, Midea is making it clear they’re here to give the likes of GE and Amana a run for their money.

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3 Signs It’s Time to Trade Out Your PTAC Units

How long do PTACs really last? The average lifespan of a PTAC unit is about seven years—ten years if it is maintained well. Unfortunately, most hotel owners wait longer than that to trade out their PTAC units. Here are three tell-tale signs your old units will show as they near the end of their life cycle.

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How to Keep Guests Happy With Preventative Hotel PTAC Maintenance

If climate control problems are affecting your guests and causing them to leave negative reviews, then you waited too long to work on your hotel PTACs. It’s always better to beat them to it with a consistent pattern of preventative maintenance. It keeps your guests happy and earn you plenty of positive reviews.

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How to Avoid These 8 Common Hotel Maintenance Failures

How can savvy hotel owners keep guests from forming negative perceptions? By staying on top of maintenance! From poor lighting to a deficient PTAC system, avoiding these common maintenance mistakes will keep guests impressed while saving you a fortune in upkeep and repairs.

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